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WiFi Issues Dual Booting on Strix X570E

Published on 05 Apr 2022

I recently upgraded my deep learning rig to a Ryzen 5950X and in the process needed to upgrade my motherboard. I decided to go with the ASUS Strix X570E Gaming II motherboard since it was in stock at my local Micro Center and had a good mix of features. In the past I have used my deep learning rig exclusively for research and deep learning projects so I only used Ubuntu. I checked to make sure that the WiFi and Bluetooth modules on the motherboard would work out of the box with Ubuntu and they did work when I first booted into Ubuntu. However, I decided to dual boot Windows 10 alongside Ubuntu so I could do some gaming. The issue I ran into is booting into Ubuntu after running Windows results in the Strix X570E WiFi and Bluetooth not working.

Following some threads here,

I found that unplugging the computer and waiting a couple minutes before booting into the other operating system fixed the issue. It seems that shutting down Windows puts the WiFi and Bluetooth chips in a weird state and Ubuntu is unable to reset them. I tried some of the various fixes like manually upgrading to the latest kernel that supposedly fully supports the chipsets, disabling fast boot in Windows, and disabling power saving mode for WiFi and Bluetooth in Windows. Unfortunately none of these fixes fully resolved the issue. Sometimes I could switch between the operating systems without a problem; but more often than not, I would have the issue. Ultimately, I just do the hard power cycle every time I want to switch operating systems. This doesn’t end up being a huge problem for me but it is pretty annoying.

I hope maybe this helps someone else out who is having a similar issue. Maybe don’t waste your time with a complete fix and just do the hard power cycle. If anyone finds a better fix, please let me know with a comment.