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Jekyll Loops and Collections

Published on 08 Jun 2021
Tags: programming

I have been using Jekyll with GitHub Pages to host my personal blog for a number of years. By default, Jekyll allows you to manage your blog posts with the _posts folder (reference). You can then iterate over the posts collections using loops to easily populate your homepage or dynamically display them. I wanted to be able to have a second collection for manage my projects which have larger write ups. I struggled to figure out how to get this working but I eventually found this excellent reference. The relevant sections are title “Configuring a Collection” and “Looping Over a Collection”.

The solution is to set a new collection in your _config.yml file. I added an additional collection named “writeups” so now I have that to manage my projects in addition to the “posts” collection for my shorter blog posts. My current _config.yml is shown below for example. It can be seen in the last section where I add the new collection.

timezone: America/New_York
lsi: false
safe: true
source: .
incremental: false
highlighter: rouge
  noscript: false
  math_engine: mathjax
  syntax_highlighter: rouge

    output: true